Munich Dark Malt B04012

25kg bag

Malt Description

Curing temperatures in the range of 110-120C give the malt an aromatic, nutty character. The high curing temperature results in clearly reduced enzyme activities compared to Pilsner Malt.


Munich Malt is ideal malt for dark lagers, festival beers and bocks for underlining malty flavors and full bodied taste. The decreased enzyme activities have to be taken into consideration when designing the brewing recipe.

Comparable Malts

The comparable malts for this product include:

    • Weyermann Munich Dark Type 2
    • Gambrinus Munich Dark
    • Best Malz Dark Munich


Moisture (%)

max. 5.0

Extract Fine (% dm)

min. 78

Color (?L)


Protein (% dm)

max. 11.5

FAN (mg/l)

min. 120

Saccharification (min)

max. 15

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