Wheat Malt


Malt Description

Viking wheat malt is created from high quality varieties of wheat specially grown for brewing. The malting process for wheat malt does not differ greatly from that of pilsner malt production with the final temperature ranging between 72-80 °C.


Wheat malt is used mainly for wheat beers and some other top fermented beers. Wheat malt is also used for lager beers for flavor enrichment and to improve foam stability. Typical rate of usage is around 50 % of the grist for wheat beers and up to  20 % for the premium lagers.

Malt Specification
moisture % max. 6.0
extract fine % dm min. 82
color °Lovibond 1.9 – 3.0
pH   5.7 - 6.3
protein % max. 13.0
sol. Nitrogen mg/100 g max. 800
free amino nitrogen mg/l 90 - 150
viscosity * mPas max. 2.0
diastatic power WK dm min. 250

* (measured at 8.6 %)