• Enzyme Viking Malt
  • Viking Malt grain bag


Malt Character

Enzyme Malt is produced either from 2-row or 6-row spring barley. The steeping and germination conditions are chosen to promote enzyme release and synthesis. The kilning program is designed to preserve enzyme activity as possible.


Enzyme Malt is recommended to use when high portion of adjuncts is used in a brewing process. It is also suitable for production of quality grain whisky and pure alcohol. It can also be used for adjusting the Falling Number of baking flour. In order to optimize ethanol yield, Enzyme Malt can be delivered as blends of varieties with different enzyme spectra.

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Malt Specification
moisture % max. 7.0
extract fine % dm min. 76
diastatic power WK dm min. 620
alfa-amylase DU dm min 70